Operational Manager

São Paulo, Brazil

- Manage the financial management of accounts payable and accounts receivable processes of the company, following the payment routine of suppliers and follow-up of documentation for accounting, aiming at effective cash flow control and compliance with legal requirements.; 

- Promote continuous improvement of people management processes, develop best internal HR practices, as well as stimulate team growth through on-the-job training, focusing on effectiveness and quality of service; 

- Conduct candidate recruitment, screening and interviewing processes, focusing on ensuring the profile required by the manager and meeting job closing SLAs, in order to maintain a cadre of qualified professionals who meet the company's growth needs; 

- Ensure the management of office facilities, ensuring that the needs of departments are met, as well as monitor the purchase of materials, supplies and maintenance, at the lowest cost, valuing quality, in view of the smooth operation of the entire structure; 

- Manage the marketing activities related to the realization, preparation of communication materials, ensuring the fulfillment of the needs of the commercial area and guidelines of the head office 

- Maintain the position and salary plan updated and intermediate the salary evolution processes, internally reinforcing the importance of the strategic vision in the team management, and ensuring the movements in accordance with the norms and practices of promotion and merit; 

- Monitor the import / export and follow-up logistics processes with the client, aiming to ensure the quality of services provided in accordance with the standards established by the head office; 

- Conduct negotiations with benefit providers, review contract adjustments to reduce costs and increase employee satisfaction; 

- Promote talent retention actions and support leadership in the ongoing development of teams to build a high-performance corporate environment; 

- Ensure the execution of people management processes such as payroll, vacation, point, terminations and approvals, follow internal and supplier schedules, aiming at zero error; 

- Manage the work of your direct team, plan on-the-job training and apply periodic feedbacks, ensuring that all routines in the area are correctly fulfilled; 

- Ensure processes are in line with company internal policies, labor and tax obligations in force;

Your Responsibilities

- Mandatory Full Degree in Administration, Law, Economics or Accounting; 

- Desirable Post Degree / MBA in People Management or related areas. 

- Required 8 to 10 years of experience in the area, with at least 5 years of Management experience..

- Required Advanced / Fluent English,desirable Intermediate Spanish;