SG3600U-MV Central Inverter

Available for

North America

High Yield

  • Advanced three-level technology, max. efficiency 98.9%
  • Full power operation at 45 ℃ (113 ℉)
  • Effective cooling, wide operation temperature
  • Max. DC/AC ratio up to 2.0

Easy O&M

  • Integrated current, voltage and MV parameters
  • monitoring function for onlione analysis and trouble shooting
  • Modular design, easy for maintenance

Saved Investment

  • Low transportation and installation cost due to 20-foot container size design
  • DC 1500V system, low system cost
  • Integrated MV transformer and LV auxiliary power supply
  • Q at night optional

Grid Support

  • Compliance with standards:UL 1741,UL 1741 SA, IEEE 1547, Rule 21 and NEC code
  • Low / High voltage ride through (L/HVRT), L/HFRT, soft start / stop
  • Active & reactive power control and power ramp rate control